Who Am I? 

My name is Marco and I grew up in Toronto Canada. Having been immersed into music at a very young age, I have since attuned my hearing to pick up a wide range of frequencies and have grown to obtain a very keen musical ear. Learning to play instruments inevitably led me to explore the art of sound recording, which was the beginning of a passionate and inspiring journey into the world of sound exploration. Having graduated Ryerson's Radio and Television Arts program in 2013, I have since found a successful career working in various forms of media production doing what I love, recording sound! 

Why Sound? 

Out of the many sensations that we experience on a daily basis, sound is a force that is not fully comprehendible to most. Sound plays an integral role in how we perceive our world, yet we cannot see it at first glance. It has the positive ability to effect our emotions through music, yet the negative ability to destroy objects like glass through harmonic resonance. This is what has led me on a personal quest discover both the destructive and constructive abilities that sound has on the human body and mind. Sound can be considered a very important part of the essence that fabricates our day to day lives, yet we have the potential to uncover so much more. I believe that our human ancestors were able to utilize sound in ways that exceed our current capabilities and understanding. I have since devoted my life to the study on the behavioural effects that sound has in the world and how we can use it to our own advantage.

Why Cymatics?

Breakthroughs in science have allowed humans to visualize some of the ways in which sound effects our physical world through Cymatic wave formations both in water and in sand. The most interesting part about this is that the formations we see in nature have a direct relationship to some of the patterns that arise during these experiments. It is not difficult to imagine then, some of the ways in which sound may or may not be vibrationally effecting our bodies on a molecular level. This led me to construct my own Cymatic wave form generator which can be fed a variety of sound sources to maximize the potential it has to help us visualize the many ways in which sound can effect the world around us. My Cymatics machine has been well received at a variety of events and documentary screenings, and it is just one of the many sound art installations I plan to release in the near future.